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Product Lines

Truck and Trailer Hitch Products


MERIDIAN PARTS represents several Chinese manufacturers whose hitch products have been selling in the US markets for ten years. Before ordering, all majority products were past the testing by US laboratories such as Patzig, Trralab.

Our hitch balls, one of the most popular items, are made in steel 1020, 1045, 5140, 4140 or 304 per customerís request. Finish can be chrome, zinc, black, polish and bare. We also customize the shank length, riser and shape of the balls. The size of packing can be chose from 4 to 6, 8, 12 and 16 in each box. Clamshell and ball covers are available upon request.

Besides, we are also manufacturing pintle hooks, chains and hooks, couplers, jacks, tow rings, ball mounts, kingpins, etc.

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